Monday, January 21, 2008

Christmas and New Year

Pataua South
Luke, Anna & Brooklyn arrived a few days before Christmas and we couldn't believe how much he had changed since we had last seen him two weeks earlier. He was now up getting ready to crawl, had learnt to roll over and loved eating his feet. Oh, and his dad had taught him to blow bubbles.

Karine was picked up from the airport Christmas morning (from Christchurch), and our family was complete again. The first time since Brooklyn was born.It had been a few months since Karine had seen Brooklyn, and so the changes were huge for her.

How great it was to have everyone home. My brother, his girlfriend and Great Nanny Pat were also at our place for Christmas. It was a lovely day, and certainly different with a baby around.

Here are some photos from Christmas through to our holiday up North. We went to Pataua South. It is right on the edge of an estuary just outside of Whangarei and literally 5 minutes from a surf beach. Once again our family was together and we had a great time up there. We tried to tempt Brooklyn with going in the sea but he wasn't quite sure yet. We had amazing weather and with the water 10 steps off our deck it was stunning.

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