Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter weekend

Auckland, Easter Weekend
This weekend was great as we had all the family home again. The first time since Christmas. We also had 2 visitors, Emma from Uk had been here with Karine for the previous week, and on Easter Sunday her fiancee John arrived. It was great catching up with Emma again, and meeting John. Karine is to be her bridesmaid in Uk in May, and Bryn is going over with her.

The house was full, the food disappeared from the panty at a fast pace, but it was a wonderful time. Brooklyn was into everything, and found everything that was not moved up high, we had thought we had baby-proofed it!
Within a few minutes of everyone being here the lovely tidy house was full of bags, clothes, shoes, and toys. It looked great! The weather was so great that they all took off to the beach.
On Saturday night we had a small birthday gathering for Luke who turned 25. Where did all those years go? Anna's parents were staying at a relatives place in Takapuna  (Auckland)so we went there for the Birthday. The house was quite literally on the beach and with the gorgeous weather made for a great setting.

While here, Brooklyn learned how to climb stairs. It is all happening so fast, what will he be up to next time?

Anyway a wonderful weekend at the Williams' house was had by all.