Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The changes in our lives

Farewell Karine
Karine has now moved back to live in Christchurch. Her six weeks in Auckland made her realise that Christchurch is where she wants to be. Her involvement there in the church is the main reason for going back, (plus a certain someone). Although we will miss having her around we are happy with the call for her to return to the South Island.

With Luke and Anna and Brooklyn having recently visited Auckland as well we have been spoilt by have the family all together. The next time is likely to be Christmas and the new year when we are all going to the beach for a week.

It is weird going back to just three of us here in our big house now, but it is great to have Bryn with us. He is busy practising his BMXing as he has recently become sponsored. So it is more new jumps and moves, and more protective gear. web gallery

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