Sunday, February 24, 2008


Taupo Feb '08
We went down to spend the weekend with Luke, Anna & Brooklyn, and there we many changes all around. They had just moved back into their home after the major parts of the renovations had been completed. The new trendy bathroom was in, the stairs had been altered and the the front of the house had been extended. The little house they bought 18 months ago, was still in a state of unfinish but is so much larger. There is a fair bit of internal decorating to be done, but it is so much bigger, brighter and a lot more trendy.

And Brooklyn, we had seen him last in January and here he was now sitting up, crawling around and pulling himself up against the furniture. He is a happy boy, and in now getting used to different tastes as he recently started on real food.

We had a lovely weekend, and are always amazed at the beauty of Taupo and their lake.

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