Sunday, July 06, 2008

Dad in Christchurch

Christchurch Snow
It has been nice having Dad down in the frozen wonderland that is Christchurch. He came down on Tuesday for work and stayed until Sunday evening.
On Tuesday I promised him that I would give him snow and on saturday I delivered.
We picked Dad and Dean up from the conference and it had just started to snow - we went to the museum and were able to watch it really come down from inside the big old stone building.

It snowed for a few hours and then rained and melted most of the snow.

Dad had a bit of excitement on Sunday morning when he was forced out of his room by a fire drill and out into the cold. Fortunately he was dressed but he joined other customers who were in their pjs or dressing gowns in the lobby.

It snowed again while we were in church and we set off up the port hills to Victoria Park to find the snow. We weren't exactly suitable attired (heels are probably not the best, neither are canvas chucks or smart brown shoes)

Rowan and I started a snowball fight and Dad somehow managed to stay out of it.

Check out the photos we had some fun times.

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