Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Butterfly Creek, Auckland

Butterfly Creek
Today Anna was working up in Auckland so Ian and I got to have Brooklyn for the day. And what a beautiful day is it. Blue skies, sun, and high humidity.
We decided to visit the petting zoo that is linked to Butterfly Creek. At first glances it did not look too interesting, except that if you are only 17 months only it seemed to looked amazing. There were a number of pens with rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, chicks, a big goat, rainbow lorikeet and parrot.

At first Brooklyn went in cautiously checking out what the other kids were doing, and then climbed up onto a hay bale to check out the rabbits. He then noticed a goat that was hot and lying down under in the corner and so we went to check it out, at a distance. He saw that a little girl was stroking a rabbit that was just wandering around, and then went to see some guinea pigs in their pen. He wandered for a while going from pen to pen, climbing up on the bales to look over the railing, and each time was amazed by what he saw, there were many oohs and aahs. The next time he wandered around, he said "Goat" and saw that the goat was wandering around, so we went over to look. He did make sure that Nana had his hand tightly in hers. This went on for about 20 mins, he was getting braver and closer to them each time.

We wondered outside to see the rest of the animals that were out there. He wasn't too keen on the baby chicks, they were just lying there, but as we walked past the hens, the rooster crowed and Brooklyn thought that was so funny. After that every time it crowed Brooklyn mimicked the sound giggling. He met the donkey, and even lent over and stocked it, but was not happy when Granddad tried to put him on the donkey's back. We then went on the little train they had there, again for adults, not too exciting, but Brooky seemed to enjoy it.
It was then time for refreshments, so we went to the cafe for a cold drink and snacks for Brooky.

While Nana went and put everything back into the car, Granddad took Brooklyn for one last look, and this time he was the only one there and saw a little rabbit that was wandering around. So he sat down and played with it. He had such a wonderful time. What a cool afternoon. We were exhausted when we got home.... that is Granddad and Nana, Brooklyn was off on the deck, playing with the water in the watering can, cleaning Nana's window. What a wonderful child!

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